Our company: IRETEC d.o.o. 

IRETEC - Iris REcognition TEChnology

IRETEC d.o.o. company is located in SLOVENIAbetween the Alps and the Adriatic sea, surrounded by Italy, Austria, Croatia, and Hungary.

Our MISSION is research and development in the field of iris recognition technology.

Our VISION is to transfer the iris recognition technology from high-security-infrastructure to SMART-CITY access control applications.

operation of our products relies on FPGA accelerated hardware architecture.

ACCURATE operation of our products relies on proprietary, and state of the art algorithms.

COMPACT design of our products relies on highly-optimized hardware architecture.

Our product: Ultra-compact iris recognition system

Our product is the Ultra-compact iris recognition system.

The complete iris recognition system measures only 40mm x 40mm x 40mm and can be easily INTEGRATED into any access control product like Smart-city electronic doors or other application where HIGH-SECURE / HYGENIC / CONTACTLESS identification or authorization may be required.

The communication INTERFACE with the module and the integration MECHANICS can be designed or modified according to your REQUIREMENT.